Buy the instruments you want with the instruments you have

Let us know what you have

Fill out our assessment form. This will give us a snapshot of what you have. Try to be accurate but don’t worry if you don’t have an exact count. Having this snapshot will help us gauge what type of vehicle we will need to bring in order to have enough room to transport the instruments properly. When we get there, we go through what you have, talk about your needs and add or subtract as we discuss.

Let us know what you need

When we arrive at you school, we will assess what you have to recycle and place a value on the entire assortment. You can choose what you would like to do with this value:

  1. We write you a check for you to use as you wish.

  2. We offer you instruments/supplies in trade.

    NOTE: Any instruments we offer in trade will be a new or reconditioned well know name brand horn that has been shop serviced and is ready to play, complete with mouthpiece, reeds, Oils, greases, neckstraps etc.

  3. Keep the money on account.

    We run a full service retail store and can put your money on account for supplies, accessories, instruments or service at a later date. This balance never expires and you can spend all or part of your balance whenever you wish.

Book an Appointment

First, make sure you have the necessary approval to recycle. We have successfully worked with hundreds of schools in several states. Each school has their own way of handling the approval of retiring old inventory. Make sure to discuss your plans with the proper people to be sure you have the o.k. to recycle.

We want to make sure this is o.k. ahead of time so that we know before we leave that we will be able to remove them in just one visit. Note: in 100% of the cases, when the director chooses to accept new instruments instead of a check, the administration is o.k. with the transaction.