Every Music room has instruments that no longer serve the needs of the current program

- Every Director has a wish list -

School instrumental music programs have suffered major budget reductions making it nearly impossible to afford new instruments, supplies, or repairs. Still, every band director has a wish list, and every music room has instruments that no longer serve the needs of the current program.

We make it possible for directors to exchange these unwanted Instruments for new horns they need now. We then refurbish and recycle the horns we collect and get them into programs that need them.

We visit schools and assess their inventory. We offer new or reconditioned instruments in exchange for your aging inventory, or simply write the school a check to use as they please ( ie: music, travel, uniforms etc.). Most visits take 30 minutes or so depending on how many instruments are present.

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    “Dan McCourt and the Green Horn Project helped me to fill out my instrumentation by eliminating the clutter and broken instruments. It was extremely quick and efficient and I would highly recommend them to anyone sitting on a pile of unused junk.”

    Tom Torrento, Lincoln Middle School, Van Dyke Public Schools, Warren, MI

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    “If not for the Green Horn Project, my school would never have been able to update our equipment! Through a combination of selling old equipment and trading, we’ve gained both marching and concert percussion as well as low brass and wind instruments. It’s a great way to clean out those instrument storage rooms and have your program benefit in the process!”

    Amy Rever-Oberle, Director of Bands and Music, Dryden Community Schools, Dryden, MI

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    “We had many old ancient instruments just gathering dust in our band room. We called Dan McCourt/GreenHorn Project and were more than pleased with our business deal. We decided to trade in our old instruments, in exchange for some new ones. We would highly recommend this business! We were extremely pleased with everything, including their follow up! “

    Wendy Graham and Jason Lewis, Essexville Hampton Band, Essexville, Mi

We have been fortunate enough to be able to help outfit a Detroit All-City Marching Band, a complete Pontiac Orchestra, and to have donated 60 instruments as table centerpieces to the American Diabetes Association's annual fundraiser for Camp Midicha at the MGM Grand in Detroit.

We have also answered numerous requests from directors looking to help families who have kids who want to play in band or orchestra, but cannot afford to get an instrument, the chance to participate.

Over 500 Schools have used The Green Horn Project to update their inventory, reduce clutter and reclaim valuable storage space.

Adrian High School - Albion High School - Anderson High School - Andover High School - Andrews Academy - Avondale Middle School - Bellaire High School - Battle Creek Area Catholic - Grand Rapids Christian High School

Lake Orion High School - Livonia Franklin - Western Michigan University - Ohio University - Sylvania Southview High School - Sturgis Middle School - Waterford Kettering High School - Lima Catholic Central - Inkster High School - Clarkston High School & more...


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